About Us

Mentallystabilized.com is a mental health and welfare information site of Urgent Care Counseling, LLC.  Our purpose and mission is to provide useful information that can better the lives of our readers and link them to helpful resources and knowledge that will improve the quality of life for the reader and their loved ones. It is our hope that our readers and the clients of Urgent Care Counseling, LLC will visit our site and share the valuable information and resources with others whom they know will benefit from our valuable mental health and welfare information.

Our founder and owner of Urgent Care Counseling, LLC is Richard Fincke; BRE, MS, LMHC. Richard has a vast amount of diversified experience working with individuals, children, adolescents, adults and couples of all ages in the community at large and in the church setting. Richard has been bi-vocational as a counselor in the community and as an ordained minister working in church settings and for not for profit organizations and charities.  After working with the homeless as a clinical case manager, and with several different community service agencies working with people with severe persistent mental illness including several years of working as a clinician and discharge planner in an inpatient psychiatric facility, Richard had the vision to open Urgent Care Counseling, LLC as a private counseling practice with a goal to not make a client in need wait beyond 48 hours for an appointment. This is not always easy to maintain, but it is always a goal. Another goal Richard has for Urgent Care Counseling, LLC is to never allow an individual’s financial means to keep them from getting help for their mental illness or emotional needs.  Urgent Care Counseling, LLC offers sliding scale rates based on the clients income in addition to acceptance of some major insurances.

The proceeds from purchases made from offers linked or sponsored by this page or other activities that may generate additional revenue, help us to keep mental health counseling affordable for the many low income clients served at Urgent Care Counseling.  Check out our website for even more information and resources at www.urgentcarecounseling.com.